Sunday, January 10, 2010

Home again home again

Here is Leo and Liam at Christmas.  They are good buddies.
I returned home late this afternoon.  The visit with Aaron/Amy was good and the wedding was nice.  The Dal Pra Family has many friends so the wedding party had 8 gals and 8 guys with 4 junior ones and 3 little boys so the wedding party was huge.  I stayed at the reception for about 3 hr and then headed back to madison where I arrived about 9:45.  It was the first trip I had made alone since we lost Gail but the CD's that Cynthia let me use helped the time go by.  Of course doing something like that alone is not the most fun in the world but I would say the weekend was OK.  I feel that now I can get down to fixing the bathroom upstairs and other things around here.  I need to find the energy and motivation for things like that. 
Tomorrow I will go to a funeral at 10:00. 
I received a book in the mail Saturday.  It came from PA.  For some reason I do not recognize the name.  If the sender could e-mail me at and let me know who you are that would be great!!!  I will read the book.  I hope it is not from someone I know well and I totally forgot!  I can't lose it yet....
Being with people at the wedding without Gail was difficult.  That really is not my element and without Gail I really have to work hard to do what is needed.  It may take practice, something I am not real good at.  I guess they say practice makes perfect. 
Tomorrow is the 11th which means January is more than 1/3 over--time does really fly.
As you read this it is easy to tell I do not have much to say tonight, time to get a bite to eat.

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