Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Just a picture

Not much to say tonight.  I found a box with about 50 slides in that I think Gail brought back from her mothers when she moved.  Most of them are before we were married and I would guess Grandpa Saunders took them.  Here we are (posed I would say) in Uncle Hugo's boat.  Again you can see that famous Gail grin that she never seemed to tire of giving to everyone.  Hugo made the boat in his basement.  Very nice.
This was taken in the summer of 1967, the year before we married.  It stormed that evening and since I had ridden my motorcycle grandpa would not allow me to ride home so I stayed over night.  Gail came in to the boys room with her cute little night grown on to give me a good night kiss and I about melted right in the bed.
I dropped 2 trays at Lizzia's house that were here from Christmas.  I brought the Gail book that Mary gave Cynthia for Christmas and Lizzia could not get enough of looking at it.  I thought I may have to stay all day!!!
I have men's group in 30 minutes so must go.

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