Thursday, January 7, 2010

Man of the day

Here he is, our birthday guy of the day.  Gail's brother Allen as he was as a freshman in high school.  He still has that great smile. 
I had a fresh insight into who Gail was and why she was so special to so many people.  Last night we had a men's night in our Christian Community.  We had it at our school/offices which is at River Ridge.  As we sat in the auditorium there were maybe 75 men listening to Joel's talk on friendship with Jesus.  The prayer service for Gail in September was in that same place.  Many thoughts flooded back to mind about that day but what really struck me was something Joel said about love.  Joel said that giving gifts is not love, it is a gesture of love.  Love is giving of ourselves.  I just sat there and said, that was 100% Gail.  She gave all of herself to everyone she encountered.  That is why so many many people have told me that Gail made them feel so special and they knew they had this special connection to her.  Of course, when you give yourself in service, in conversation or in whatever you are doing with another person they do feel special.  I don't think that was a new insight, it just struck me anew yesterday and it made my day.  As I have said before there was no "pretend" or no "airs" about Gail.  When you engaged in something with her you got her, totally.  Now there were times when a word or something came out and it caused some eyes to roll or some questioning but she was so honest, so up front that it was beautiful if not worrisome at times.  I think in that regard she was a version of her dad without some of the temper Grandpa Saunders had at times.  I do need to qualify that by saying that I talk about his temper not in a negative way however I did hear stories that could be interpreted a bit on the negative side!!!!  Actually I think many of us today could use a bit more temper if we would focus it towards many of the injustices we see in our culture.
Not much new today.  I do think that I am going to ask more questions on my blog.  I was totally surprised when I put out the date of my parents wedding ALL threee siblings commented.  Even to see a few words from them was great!!!!   Now let's see if I get comments on that.
I do need to get outside to shovel.  I am guessing we have gotten an inch or two of snow last night and today. 
I made some changes in the kitchen so I will have to see what Henry says.  When I changed the den around a bit he told me he liked it the way it was.  Which of course was his way of saying I miss grandma.  I was thinking of Gail this morning (I do every morning) and thinking that I am thankful she did not have to endure the cold weather during the time she was so frail.  In the last month of her life she had so little extra weight and I know if we would have been having temps like this she would have been cold all the time.  Within the knowledge that God needed her in heaven I am so thankful for his timing.  I miss her so much and as I write this the tears come.  Maybe I am in need of a good cry as I havn't had one all week!  I can tell that time helps heal those emotions as I use fewer tissues each week.  For the first 3 months I was wishing I had purchased stock in Kleenx. 
I need to get a walk in today but I think Henry is coming over to get something in my garage.

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Anonymous said...

I have to comment just because you wondered if you would get comments. Ask more questions on your blog, I would answer anything I could. I read you blog every day and look forward to it. I like the way you write and to see the old pictures is great. A lot of the pictures you put on your blog are ones I don't remember seeing. It's cold here today, -8 and wind chill to -30. I blew the snow out of the driveway and now I am just going to stay in where it is warm and this evening is bible study with Jim here so I must be sure I am ready.