Friday, January 29, 2010

More pictures, less words

Here is the inside scoop on Gail's family camping.  Now you have seen INSIDE their family tent complete with a fancy table, clothes hanging from the rafters, pots and pans and the works!!!  I think their camping trips were really special and the places they went were great.  This is on their trip to Expo 67 in Canada.  It does look a little like grandpa may have had enough goofing around by those kids or perhaps he hasn't had enough of his morning coffee yet.
Not much today.  I was lazy yesterday and don't know for sure what I will do today.  I am about ready to sit down for breakfast.  I already ordered off the CL menu and it looks like a feast.  Homemade potato salad, a 1/4 pd burger and Kona coffee with a little Baily's cream in it.  I know it is breakfast but unless you can enjoy life and live outside the box life isn't worth living!!!!


michael said...

No wonder I love camping so much! It is in the blood; I wish we could take off tomorrow morning and go camping like Mom in the picture. I am so glad you and Mom took your 7 week trip up into Canada in the fall of 2007. -Cynthia

Anonymous said...

A little splash of Bailey's?...are you sure you don't have a wee bit of the Irish in you now Carmen? :) I too have discovered the good taste of coffee with a little Bailey's added.
Yes, that photo does make a camping trip look like fun!