Monday, January 25, 2010

Welcome back to winter

It is windy, the temp is 22 and there has been a light light dusting of snow.  It actually is pretty out and we would want this in a Minnesota January, right?
This picture is of my sister Helen, Judi, John, Esther, Bob and Gail's mother Marian.  I am guessing our John was a week or so.  He was born on a Monday so this probably was on the next weekend.  Judi's parents lived in Devils Lake so we really got to see them often.  John also would come to Devils Lake often for two weeks of guard camp in the summer.  Our John was the first grandchild on Gail's side so he was often the center of attention.  My sister Helen, I am not sure why she was there but I would guess she came to see John.  I tend to forget that at this time Helen was only 19 (I will not mention how old she will in August) and I can't remember what she was doing.  I think it was later that she joined the Air Force and my parents were so proud of her.  As I thought about the comment that Helen was ONLY 19 I thought but I was only 22 and Gail was only 23!!  WOW
I know I blogged just a few hours ago but I can't get myself out to get the paper as it will be full of you know what concerning the game so thought I would put up another picture.  An unimportant side note.  I got a call from the St. Paul paper 2 weeks ago with a special.  I could get the Thursday, Friday and Sunday paper for 6 months for 25 cents a week.  At the newspaper box those 3 days would cost #1.50.  I think they need to sell papers.  So now I am getting the paper 3 days a week.  Of course they plan on people forgetting to cancel at the end of 6 months but it is on my calendar!
 I almost forgot to say why I signed on the blog this morning.  I climbed, carefully, up the ladder this morning to look at my installed wire and the entire gutter, about 10 feet of it is totally clear---success!/()!!!


Anonymous said...

I don't remember everything about that trip but Mom, Dad and I came to Devils Lake to see John for the first time and I was leaving for the Air Force in Feburary. We visited your classroom and students and they thought it was pretty funny that you and Dad were both Mr. Lees!
Maybe the new baby girl will be born on your birthday! No matter when she'll be a wonderful gift.
Love, Helen

Anonymous said...

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