Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sept 14-Jan 14

Here is Leo.  He loves those animals and would not let grandpa have them!
As of today it has been 4 months since we said good-bye to Gail.  I know what she probably is doing today, laughing, dancing and perhaps is well on her way with a project in heaven.  If she were here she would be concerned that we get our walk in, she would be doing some sewing project and she would be so excited for Aaron/Amy's little girl to arrive. She would be pressing me for how soon we could go after the baby is born.  I so miss our conversations, our laughs and our dreams.
This is the first day in many that I have nothing planned.  No eating out, no company, no anything.  Well actually Anthony Dal Pra will be here tonight and stay for a few days.
I am excited, Cynthia/Mike will go to Madison this weekend and they will bring my bike.  Aaron will have it tuned up, put new tires on it and change the handlebars.  I forgot to ask him but I think I will ask him to put a new seat on it too.  Not a big fat big butt seat but one that is a bit softer than the one I have.  That will be nice.
Yesterday I was able to have lunch with George Wolney.  George lost Patty 6 years ago and he had wisdom to share with me.  That was nice.  He did say he was 72 when Patty died and that would be quit different than me at 62.  George said something yesterday that I had not heard.  He said for him the second year was the hardest.  He said after the newness of losing Patty, after the paper work was done, after the house had gone through some changes and after he had dealt with some money matters then he just kind of said what now!!  So for him year two was the most difficult.  We also talked some about how important the Lord is in the whole process and of course we had to ask how how can anyone do it without God right my one's side.
As we were eating Julie and Carolyn Becker were having lunch so was able to say hi to them.
I had Ernie R over for dinner so we could talk about plants.  I would like to start some flowers and veggie this winter so they would be ready to plant this spring.  Ernie has done that for a few years so I am hoping to use his failures and successes as I start.  Gail and I had talked about that but never did it.  We then had men's group here.  So all in all it was a pretty busy day and of course no work done again.  Somehow that does not worry me yet!  I was thinking yesterday that I may set up a place in the basement and do some work on the screens this winter.  I made two very nice saw horses last spring so I could use them to lay the screens on.  In starting plants I will also have to make something to put the trays on and then to put lights on them.  As I think about those things and then say I want to start my woodworking called "Carmen's Creations" maybe I will have enough to do. 
I just looked up and I see that the temp outside is +20 which is nice but inside it is 59 so I must have forgotten to turn up the temp this morning.  I had better start to move a bit or I will get rusty.

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