Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Mid week

Here is a wedding picture of my parents.  They were married June 25 in either 34 or 35---siblings which one???  I am thinking 35.  I would say a very grand looking couple.  Both my mom and dad were wonderful people but I remember that for whatever reason through high school I actually thought they were perfect.  As I think back on that it amazes me.  We know that all of us have faults and weaknesses but I really think my mom was a very saintly person.  I still remember our shoes lined up Sunday morning for church and they often were polished.  That was quite a task as in the summer for my younger years the ONLY time I wore shoes was to church.  I still have calises on the bottom of my feet from nails, dirt, rocks, thistles and everything in the summer.
Yesterday was uneventful.  I got my walk in at the rec center, I spent time with Larry B here and in the evening for several hours I spent time going through some things upstairs.  It is not an easy task to go through Gail's personal belongings.  Things like swim wear, underclothes, mittens, hats, those uniform clothes that she wore so often and other items that a person has but others don't generally see.  I do think it is time to move those things on to others or to where ever as I certainly will not use them for anything.  At least I hope I would not use them!!!!  I think I am about ready to make a trip to Good Will with some more boxes of things.
For today I will get my walk in again and then spend more time up stairs.  I would say that as a person does some of these things it would not be difficult to questions what value or what good is one doing or how is one's life benefitting others or building God's Kingdom.  I will not go there but there are fleeting thoughts that go in and out of my mind.  As for people who know me it is quit a feat for things to go in and out of my mind!
It is 9:30 and already +6, wow.  I can not imagine doing the paper route in this weather.
It is time for a walk.


michael said...

Crazy, Dad. You really look a lot like both your Mom and your Dad. I can see how both Helen and Joan look like Grandma too. Grandpa Lee, basically, IS Cramer from the show 'Seinfeld'.

Anonymous said...

Mom and Dad were married in 1935. I found dad's obituary.

Anonymous said...

That's correct!

Anonymous said...

May as well jump in too. 1935 was the year.