Thursday, January 28, 2010

A day of blessings--A day of memories

Here is Gail, John and I in the summer of 1970.  My all time favorite car with the hardtop and a V8 400 that ran so quiet you could not tell the car was on!!  I have never been a car freak but I did love this car.  It had an 8 track!!!!
Yesterday, another first.  I had been with Gail for my birthday the last 41 years and had enjoyed a phone call or letter the 2 years before that.  I would guess that of those years we had Grandma Lee's potato salad made by Gail and hamburgs for maybe 25 or 30 of those years.  Of course the day was so void, empty, desolate, whatever word one would want to use that means something was greatly missing.  BUT there were so many blessings as well and for those I am so thankful.  I received may calls, cards, cookies, among other things.  The kids had a great meal at John/Marys with Cynthia's homemade potato salad that was excellent and the burgers were some of the best ever.  We missed Aaron/Amy/Leo like we always do but there was Henry, Liam, Faustina, Audrey and Jude there.  There were tears when we talked about Gail not being there but we (family) are accepting of God's way and know that time will heal the wounds.  Time will not totally fill the void but then life changes all the time and we can chose to accept and move on or we can chose to reject and be bitter.  Several years ago Travis gave mother a small marble item and on it said "As for Me and my House, We will serve the Lord."  Mother ALWAYS kept it visable so now it is on the buffet and I feel that it means we will be sad for now but we will move on and live in God's kingdom here on earth.
I am not going to name anyone who called, wrote or gave something as I know I would miss someone and I did appreciate all and everything.
So today is a new day and we will look beyond ourselves and hope for the best.  No birthdays coming up in February BUT there may be birth day anytime now in Madison.  I currently have no big plans, no travel in sight and I think I will settle in for the long winter left!  The temp has been chilly and will stay that way for a while.  Tuesday night I turned the heat way down before I went to bed.  Gail and I always did but then we had each other to keep warm!  Wednesday morning the house temp downstairs was 54--a little bit chilly.  There is nothing like pretending to camp out in your living room.

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