Sunday, January 3, 2010

A full week in the past---we'll see

Most of you didn't know that Gail was the great hunter!!!
I am happy that the week is history.  Wow, too many firsts and too many emotions for me.  As I look back on Gail's birthday, on New Years Eve, New Years day and the Saunders family gathering I breath a sign of relief and look forward to a week with fewer "firsts". 
Not much to say today.  Cyn/Mike/Faustina and Jude hung out for several hours here which was fun.  We watched most of the Viking game and they didn't lay any eggs today, in fact they looked pretty good.
I did not get in a walk today and I was thinking of going on one yet but it is a bit late. 
My wireless went down today and I just spent an hour on the phone with a guy who was difficult to understand but we finally got it working again.  The joys of computers.
I forgot but Mike reminded me that school starts tomorrow again.  It does not seem like it should be starting yet.  I do remember that Christmas vacation was my favorite school vacation because during our Easter break I was always working on camp so Christmas was about the only vacation that I could really relax.
I have noticed a bit of a change in my sadness.  The wound that Gail's death left does not bleed everyday now.  It hurts so much and it is always there but some of the constant bleeding has stopped.  As I think about that I need to remind myself to be happy.  I actually looked in the mirror this morning and then I looked and looked again.  (I am not used to staring at myself!).  As I stared I said to myself that I think I have aged much in the last year.  I would not say that in a bad way but yes, time, hurts, sorrows and grief tend to weather the face and show on the body.  I guess that means that I will have to try a bit more to be joyful, postive and then I will try to act a young 62.  I think most people know that I am not into fashion, looking really nice for others but I do want to remain as young as possible for the kids and the grandkids.  I think they are so special that they all deserve the youngest dad and grandpa possible.  Do you think it would help to get a sports car???
I am going to watch a bit of the football game and then get my beauty sleep at a good time tonight.


macman said...

Yes, you need a sports car and I can drive you around in it.

Anonymous said...

Age is a number, feeling or acting old is a state of mind and your actions! Discussing your ailments is old, talking about new adventures is living. My Miata keeps me focused on life, the Tribute gets me around safely in the snow! Your sports car needs to be bigger than a Miata and I don't think red really suits you. Grandparents are always "old" in the grandkids minds but when they do things with them they're "cool" and will always be remembered that way! So be cool and live your life to the fullest. That's what it's for.

Love, Helen

Dan Ficker said...

If you ever need some computer help, just give me a call. I only live a block or two away and would be happy to come over.