Thursday, January 21, 2010


This is Gail in August of 1969.  She is standing by her 2 speed bike which was a graduation present as she completed her Masters Degree.  She is carrying John who will be born in 3 months.  The bike lived on in our family for 25+ years where it went to bike heaven at college.  In it's later years it was famously known as the frog bike. 
Not much today.  I will pick up Henry, Liam and Audrey at 3:00 and then have John/Mary, Cynthia/Mike and the Winds over for dinner at 5:30.  I do have a meeting at 7:30 so dinner will be kind of eat, talk and run which is fine. 
It is strange how Gail pops up in my life now.  As I sat down to eat breakfast this morning and prayed I just could not get all my words out as my voice broke and I remembered her.  As I thanked the Lord for all his blessings I had to work hard at getting the words out.  I KNOW that he has blessed me so richly but it was hard to say it this morning.
I need to get moving as the dinner has to be finished before the 3 little monkeys come and that Audrey is a handfull for grandpa as she practices her mountain climbing skills on beds, chairs, tables and anything in sight.  I am glad she has not graduated to those climbing shoes with spikes on or John/Mary's house would be full of little holes!!!!

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