Sunday, January 17, 2010

A prayer request

Here is Gail and Aaron by our tree in about the year 1983.  Gail loved those boys so much.  She always thought they were the best boys in the world.
My prayer request is for Tony who was here the last few days.  He developed a pain in his right chest yesterday.  He and his sister left for Rockford IL about 11 this morning.  Cara just called and said Tony's right lung is collapsed and at this time the Dr have not said what they need to do.  He is in pain and we should pray for a healing.
I have not much to say.  I think now that birthdays and holidays are over I just need to stay focused on God and live through these next few months as time heals some.  I could say everyday how much I miss Gail but that may get old.  I could say daily how lonesome I am but that may be boring.  I could say daily how much I need Gail but I need not say it everyday!!  So what is a guy to do.  I will daily pray, daily keep busy, daily focus on family and always continue to live as I think I should and then the rest is up to God.  I know God is close, I know he is in control, I realize that God's plans and his intentions for me are far better than anything I could come up with but the bottom line is I need/I must walk the walk to a full life again myself.  I can not hurry it, I can not avoid it and for sure I should not do it my way but do it his way, in God's perfect plan.
I did finish throwing out some of the old slides and now I have the number of slides down to 1200.  I guess I still have a lot of work to do with them but it is a start!
Tomorrow marks 4 months since Gail's funeral September 18---time does go by so so fast.

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